A harrowing memoir of the author talking about her life.

At 13 years of age gang raped which set her on a downward spiral where she ended up being raped numerous more times by the time she was 18.

It is a harsh story that shows the realities of life and how one choice can almost ruin your life.

Madeleine Black is a rspe survivor and more than that she has found her peace and able to have a truly loving relationship despite what happened in her life.

As a young teen you don’t have coping mechanisms to handle the brutal aftereffects of rape. This in turn lead her to having a younger life that was filled with hate and shame. Something that shouldn’t have been felt was shame as it wasn’t her who was the cause of the issues.

Yes her choices could have contributed to some of what happe ed to her especially after the first incident. At that age you don’t understand what has happened and the changes are hard.

In the book you find out just how strong Madeleine is and the fact that she could move on from those experiences and allow herself to heal is a shock at times. It isn’t always easy to move on but this book can help with understanding.

This book is not for the faint of heart as it does go into the details of what the author recalls happening. Also there is a bit of jumping about which had me a bit confused at times.

This book I think is a very good chance to help people heal and while it is a memoir it is also a help book.

I was very shocked at the perversity of humankind and the pain in which the author was in.

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