What can one say about a book that brings both tears of sadness as well as the smiles of joy.

I was very pleased to read this book as it is a very special read and you can see just what hope is brought by learning about Samuel.

This book brought me to tears a few times. It was sad to see just what this family has went through. It is a harsh reality that makes a family go through the hellish ordeal.

The uplifting part of this book shows just how hope can bring you through anything. Samuel is not healthy but he has survived his diagnosis and with reading this book you see how strong his will to love must be.

I was very pleased when the author approached me about potentially reading her book and I went and bought it right away. I wanted to read something that was not a work of fiction and this seemed like it would be great as it dealt with something that no parent should have to face.

This book dealt a lot with religious aspects which I am not really a fan of but this was a very good read.


About the author

Evelyn Mann is a stay at home mom who lives in Tampa, FL raising her son born with a rare form of dwarfism. Though originally told her son would not survive birth, God had other plans. Only 1 of 9 survivors worldwide, her son has overcome all odds. Mrs. Mann has appeared on Fox and ABC media sharing her story. Her memoir, Miracle In My Living Room is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on her website, http://www.miraclemann.com. Her favorite pastimes are cuddling with her son and reading books.

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