DI Kayli Bright is called to the scene of a terrible accident that appears to be a case of careless driving. However, her gut reaction tells her there’s much more at stake. Within hours, her suspicions are confirmed when she is called to investigate a second incident on the same stretch of road. This time there is no doubt in Kayli’s mind that she’s dealing with a murder enquiry.

Are the two incidents connected? Is Kayli looking for a driver with a severe case of road rage? Or is there a twisted serial killer on her patch?

As Kayli sifts through the web of lies to capture the killer, her personal life seems to be falling apart. Her fiancé, Mark, returns home from his new job oversees a changed man. What is he hiding? Could Mark’s dark secret be destructive enough to put an end to their relationship?

My Review

This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me but I loved this book. M.A. Comley is one of the top authors on her field and never released a mediocre book.

The second in this trilogy about Kayli Bright who is a strong woman who also has a tender or emotional side. She has so mich ability and isn’t afraid to let people into her life.

What is so good about this character is she isn’t the stereotypical female detective but instead is very human.

In this book you see a lot about her personal life and how it seems to be falling apart. Just as she thinks she can’t handle her personal life her work life gets a lot more complicated.

Comley is a prolific writer with many novels to her name and many wonderful series. This series is definitely one that will go down as a great read.

The first book in the series deals with harsh issues that many don’t like to think about this book carries on from last book but isn’t quite so emotionally bleak in areas.

I can’t recommend this book enough and will definitely be one to keep an eye on as it will be very close to one of my top reads of the year.

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