Going back to another of my old favourites. This time it’s by one of the best duos I have ever read. Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are am excellent pairing and wrote some of the best traditional style fantasy with their world of Dragonlance.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight is the first is the first in the initial trilogy and began my love of magic.

Part of what I like about this book is that youbsee the constant underdogs or the ill treated become a leader for the good guys.

The main characters in the series you first meet are well developed and have vices and passions of their own.

Raistlin is a red robed mage meaning he has passed his test at the Tower of High Sorcery and has chosen the path in the middle. Being neither good or evil he walks both paths. He is my favourite character of the series and has such depth within him and you never know what he will accomplish.

Caramon the long suffering twin of Raistlin and a powerful warrior in his own right. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for his sickly brother who just needs him. He isn’t smart and is taken advantage of many times.

Tanis is the half elven leader of this band of misfits. He has some serious issues with his personality and is split in two worlds one part human and the other part elven. He is a character who I feel is at war with himself but will learn how to truly love both sides.

Flint is a hill dwarf and the eldest of the bunch and is the best friend and mentor of Tanis. He is the curmudgeonly old grandpa who loves to hate everything especially our next entry.

Tasslehoff is a lender a race similar to the halflings except they are too inquisitive and are very much comedic relief. Thought to be a thief he always seems so hurt by that. They are mischief makers who have no fear.

Riverwind is a warrior from the plains what many call Barbarians. He is strong and loyal and will do everything to protect his love and his people.

Goldmoon is chieftains daughter and seems so harsh with everyone. She feels very standoffish but you can see the person she is. She may just be the key to healing the world and bringing back news of the ancient gods long since gone.

Sturm A knight of solamnia who loves by a code that is seldom seen. He has honour and does what is right even when it will hurt him. He is one of the great protectors.

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