An anthology of short stories in the wonderfully diverse and magical world of Velgarth.

The stories are all written by various authors who wanted to be part of this world that has attracted so many.

For many years I have loves Valdemar and all that it entails. They have the most wonderful magic and Mercedes Lackey writes about the most diverse characters both human and animal.

Always with these books they are hit or miss. There were some amazing stories about characters in previous anthologies including Herald Wil. That was my favourite story in this entire book.

Not all of these stories are based on Valdemar but some are based in Karse and deal with the Priests who command demons.

For me this was a very good book that had many more good stories then sub standard. I am very pleased with this book because it also shows the depth that some of the best authors want to be part of the journey that Mercedes Lackey embarked on many years ago.

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