For many years I had lost my drive to read Urban Fantasy.  They all seemed like carbon copies of each other and that no new stories were really gripping me.

I picked up Angela Stevens book about the Vargr Clan thinking if this one didn’t grip me I was going to stop with new urban fantasy and focus more on authors I knew I liked.

Reading that first book about Tore got me to rekindle my love of Urban Fantasy.  Now with multiple books out on this the latest Blood Brothers was released yesterday for the world to see.

My thoughts on this novel are in a bit of a jumble.  This novel mixes more with both the lycan and skinwalker mythology showing how adept the author is at making two separate cultures together into one endlessly fun book.

This book also brings back the emotions i felt when reading the first series.  Old names returned and you don’t know fully what they have planned.

Tore may not be the main character anymore as it focuses on the children.  I always loved the dynamics of the family both the functional side and dysfunctional.

This book you get to meet the evil that the skinwalkers face and you see just how powerful they are.  I love the native style that permeates the book and that not all is as it seems.

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