It’s a new year and a new challenge and goals have been created.  2017 was a record year for me both in reading and for my blog. 

I am still small but I have a solid group of followers both on my bkog on Facebook and through twitter.  I am thankful to each and everyone who reads my blog and shares my posts.

My goals foe 2018. 

1. Write more reviews for my blog

2. Read more books

3. Broaden my selection of genres and authors

4. Wrote more insightful reviews

5. Do more features and/or interviews for my blog

6. Write as much as I can for blogtours 

7. Get my netgalley to a manageable number of pending books.

My reading challenge has been set for goodreads and while last year I blew that challenge out of the water I realize I won’t be able to keep that up continuously.  So my challenge is for 150 books read in 2018 and I want to review all of them.

It is with no shock that for my blog only books I want to shoot about are listed however that doesn’t mean I will not review on other platforms the less than stellar reviews.

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year.

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