The first in an exciting new trilogy due to be released in December.  

This book is up to the usual standards of the author.  It has wonderful characters who you are meeting for the first time and that have issues and life problems of their own.

Kayli Bright is the new main character she is strong as well as warm and tender as she shows throughout book one.  She has compassion and deals with items differently then most.  She has an amazing success rate which is why when a body of a dead child is found she is given the case to solve.

Her partner is not quite so easy as he seems to be more abrupt at times but has a caring heart.  I wished I had seen more of him and his abilities as I really didn’t get a full impression of how good of character he will be.

The story is a difficult one to read because of the topic or covers.  This is the worst nightmare of any parent.   Child abduction as well as the murder of a child.  It was hard to read that but once you get past the rough parts of the awful nature of the crime the book was a dream come true.

New trilogy with new characters that I get to see from the ground up.  Simply amazing and this book will stay with me for a long time.  Definitely looking forward to book two to see what happens with Kayli and her fiance as well as at work.

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