Top Series Read 2017

This year has been a real treat for me.  I have decided also to do a best series.  To be eligible for this I have to read at least two books by this author within the series in the current year.

5. Linda Prather and her Catherine Mans series.  Love the psychic link and just how strong a connection she brings with an area that isn’t written about as much.

4. Carol Wyer and her Robyn Carter series.  This is fast becoming one of my favourite series as so much depth to these books.

3. Rob Sinclair and his James Ryker books.  These are so interesting and love the spook style book.

2. Caroline Mitchell and her Ruby Preston series which has some of the most unique characters I can think of.

And my top read series of this year has to be M.A. Comley and her Hero Nelson Series which I fell in love with from the moment I first picked up Torn Apart.  This year two books in that series were released and loved each of them so much.   Also in Justice book 15 Heroic Justice Lorne and Hero team up.  What could be better two of My favourite characters teamed up to fight the bad guys.

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