This is the second book in the trilogy that deals with Talia.  In this book you see the outer stability of Talia as she for on her Internship with Kris. 

The external hard surface of Talia an empath hides the inner fragility that could rock her world and potentially destroy what she has made for herself.

This is a great book that really shows what Talia is like away from the hustle and bustle of court life.

In this book you get to meet Kris more who is a pretty face who can see far distances with his mind.  He is a powerful man who tends to act before he thinks at times.  He is a Herald of Valdemar which means he has a heart of gold.

Talia still manages to be my favourite in the book and she has a great ability in Empathy even if she has issues and quandaries about the use of her abilities.

Love the story and you get to see just what Talia is really made of.  She is a beautiful person as well as one of the strongest willed people you will meet.

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