Been feeling nostalgic and have been looking back over the reads that meant the most to me.  Years ago I read this story from Mercedes Lackey and it has stuck with me.  In fact I still read this series every year or so to to go back and see if I missed anything. 

Arrows of the Queen is a coming of age story for Talia who is holderkin.   They are an insular people who have backward thoughts about the place of women in society.  Talia just doesn’t fit that mold and is in trouble a lot for being disobedient.

I fell in love with the 13 year of Talia who has no-one in her life and wants more than anything to be a Herald of Valdemar.  She is a shy girl who is a big dreamer and it really hit home with me as children we are always dreaming to be something. 

Talia was one of the first female leads that I had read about in fantasy as most seemed to use male leads at the time.  

Many characters you get to meet who later will have books just about them.

Talia : a young lady who has never felt love really and lofe has tried to keep her down.  Her spirit soars when she is given the chance.

Skif: a thief who becomes one of the coveted heralds of Valdemar.  He befriends talia despite her shyness around men.  He becomes one of her best friends and he helps her where others can’t. 

Keren: a sister and mother all in one.  She is from a seafaring people and is one of the few that Talia trusts.  She is also unique in that ylsa is her lifebonded mate.  

Alberich: the craggy faves weaponmaster who mist try and teach Talia in weapons so that she can protect herself.  He is fierce but has a heart of gold.

Jadus: a bard turned Herald who basically becomes her grandfather and helps her learn to trust again.

Sherrill: a student who is her mentor and is one of her best friends another woman who can assist her in her needs and also doesn’t scare her.

All of these characters combined really bring the story to life both in the happy and sad parts of the book.

The story itself is coming of age and finding your place which may be perfect for youth.  It also teaches that differences aren’t bad and thst you should respect each other.  

I love the magic of Valdemar as well as the fact it’s unique as its almost entirely mind magic.  They also have the Companions or as I like to call them spirit horses.

This book is one of My favourites and I highly recommend it for those who aren’t used to fantasy.

Next in the series is Arrows Flight and the final is Arrows Fall in this spectacular trilogy.

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