It is my pleasure to host a question and answer with debut novelist DK Hood.  Don’t Tell a Soul is a remarkable novel and for me is the debut of the year.  I want to thank both the author and Bookouture for agreeing to an interview.

Without further ado here is my interview with DK Hood.

If you could co-write with any author who would it be and why?


David Baldacci because he is brilliant and writes what I enjoy reading. I think I would learn a lot from writing a story with him and that is what it is all about, learning and improving every word.



What inspired you to become an author?


I have always loved writing stories and telling stories. It is a treasured gift, and I will write as long as the stories keep coming into my head.


If you could choose one actor to play the role of one of you characters who would it be and why?


Jason Momoa as Kane in Don’t Tell A Soul.  Why? Because he is huge like Kane, and looks great.



Where do you generally write your novels?


In my room, door closed, silent with no interruptions.


Do you feel that your characters speak to you when you come up with a really good or interesting character?


All my characters speak to me. I type what they say most times. I just guide them into terrible situations LOL.  The main characters are always harping on me to write another story. It is creepy when the crazy serial killer slips in but I hear writers are all sane and the “voices” are normal. 


Do you do your own designs for the cover?


No. The fabulous art department of Bookouture produce my fantastic covers.


Your description of the area of your debut novel Don’t Tell A Soul is so vivid.  Can you tell me how you came up with this setting?

Thank you! I am lucky to have spent many wonderful vacations in places in Europe and visited to Montana and many states in the USA. I use the wonderful memories from these visits to enhance my stories. I created Black Rock Falls because I needed a diverse place with as many different locations as possible. I needed rivers, lakes and mountains, ranches and isolation so I placed my fictional town close to the Rocky Mountains.



Jenna Alton has a strong personality but you have also shown that she has weakness.  Can you describe how you created Jenna Alton?


I wanted Jenna to be tough and able to take care of herself but not be a pseudo Superwoman. She is strong, stronger than anyone imagines but is human. We all have our limits and I needed to show that feature to make her real.  For example, after her car accident, she forgets to turn on her house alarm. How many people would have complete clarity of mind after suffering a head injury in a near death experience? 


In her past, as an undercover DEA agent, she endured capture by a drug cartel. Since giving evidence, she lives in fear an assassin will murder her. She has trust issues.  All these parts of her character make her human. Her main character trait is whatever situation I make her endure she will never give up.


Thank you for having me on your blog today,

D.K. Hood.

Don’t Tell A Soul by DK Hood 


Small town. Big crimes. Dark secrets.

A wave of panic rushed over her as her heart pounded hard enough to break her ribs. ‘Not a soul knows where I am,’ she thought as she took in the darkness around her.

Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane arrive in the town of Black Rock Falls, each hoping to escape their past for a new beginning. But instead, they find a town living in terror, and a killer on the loose…

Samantha Woodward was last seen driving towards Black Rock Falls to buy a house for her family. They haven’t heard from her since, and they fear for her life.

John Helms headed to town to watch a big game, but nobody knows if he made it or not. He was never seen again.

When a body is found, and Jenna’s life is threatened, she and her deputy become caught in a race against time to find a brutal killer, and to unlock the secret that lies at the dark heart of the town before it is too late…

Don’t Tell a Soul is a tense detective thriller that will have you guessing right up until the end, perfect for readers of Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott.

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