A new twist on an old tale.  

This book was an interesting new tale that deals with witness protection and a psychologist who just had a past she would sooner forget.

The characters were very interesting and the only thing to prevent this from a 5 star read is that there wasn’t a complete conclusion to some of the story arcs.  I wanted more answers and they just weren’t to be found.
Connie Summers is a psychologist who has a past that while it is troubling also led her to becoming a criminal psychologist.   However through one bad decision her career was in ruins.  Not entirely her fault the group paroled a person who repeated a very serious offense.  She left that and became a regular psychologist working with some people in witness protection. 

Her ability as a psychologist is very good and she has the caring heart that is needed.  Her family life is not the best and she has trouble coping.

Lindsay Wade is a powerful presence and tries to help Connie.  They become friends and while part of the time there is strained relations between the two you can see the camaraderie as well as the beginning of something more.

This is my first book by the author and I really enjoyed it and looking forward to more.


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