I am a huge fan of this author.  She has some of my favourite books and series. 

Heroic Justice is a book that is split into two worlds.  One foot in the fabulous justice series featuring the extravagantly good Lorne.  The other foot is entrenched with my favourite character Hero Nelson.

When i first started on the journey that would be endless hours of enjoyment.  Started with the justice series and felt that Lorne was one isnthe most competent and skilled people you could ever have on your team. 

I progressed quickly to reading the Hero Nelson Series which became my favourite series of all time.

In this book the crime crosses borders where both Lorne and Hero have to contend with the same criminal.

This book gives you chance to see how different constabularies work together.  I loved the character interaction and I thought that the characters meshed well together.

One thing this book brought out is about the mental struggles that people go through and that it was handled in a tactful manner.  It is great to see somone able to tastefully handle trauma from many different angles.

This has made me even more of a fan of Hero Nelson as I really loved how he dealt with Lorne as well as his family life.  Things aren’t easy for Hero but he always pulls through much the same as Lorne.

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