I picked up the 4th book in the Sally Parker series and not a surprise but I loved the book.

All of the series that M.A. Comley writes ate top of the line stories.  In this book Sally and her team move from being a regular team that deals with current cases and instead are going Cold Cases. 

The story really continues from the last book Cold Case and features the team going through cases which were solved but potentially corrupted by a crooked cop.

The story was sheer pleasure and had so much that kept me into the book.  The side story with her fiancee and father has me hooked as well because it shows that Sally while lives for the job it isn’t the only thing she lives for.

It was wonderful to read this book as the case was wrapped up and there was a conclusion to the drama part of this as well both in family and work aspects.

The cases theybare working on all deal with a former cop Falkirk that didn’t investigate properly and all of his cases will need to be reviewed.

Sally is as good as ever showing a softer side as well to her personality.  You can see how much she loves Simon who is somone who has helped her with her past and is the coroner.

You have to feel for the main character who is behind bars who always maintained his innocence.  Craig was interesting as was Molly and Jamie who had their own problems after Craig was convicted.

I can’t wait to see what is next for Sally and her role in The Cold Case Squad.  The idea is so wonderful and one of the reason I loved this book is because I always loved learning about the old cases that weren’t solved.  

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