Her Dark Path

16 years ago Rebecca Bradley’s mother was murdered. Rebecca was only eight years old. The killer has never been caught. Growing up, Rebecca vowed that one day she would track him down and make him pay.


Now Rebecca is a young police woman in Ontario. She wants to become a homicide detective. Her first investigation is the cold case of a woman who vanished for 16 days and then was found dead in her own home. The brutal crime shocks the small Canadian town of Conroy.


The puzzling case has uncanny similarities to the murder of Rebecca’s mother. Both victims were found strangled in their own kitchens.


Can Rebecca keep her emotions together as she closes in on a killer with connections to her family and tragic past? And will she finally get justice for her mother?

Discover a new crime writer who will have you gripped till the pulsating end.



I began my fiction writing as a novice, but I had extensive writing experience in technical and policy areas, and I was a ferocious editor of staff reports at Pollution Probe. Novel writing would come naturally to me, or so I thought (incorrectly). I wrote half of a really crappy science-fiction book, and then struggled over whether to continue. But I’m not a quitter, so I shelved that book for the time being, took a deep breath, and hit the reset button.

I’m currently an independent environmental policy consultant, working from home in Toronto, Canada, although I’m on the road a lot. Recent consulting contracts of mine include preparing a case study designed to be used by the Said Business School, University of Oxford, on the province of Alberta’s recent transition towards being a climate policy leader in Canada, and I’ve done research and ran workshops on the creation of a new Canadian Energy Information Organization. I serve on the Boards of Directors for two leading environmental and energy organizations – the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, and Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST). And when spare time and suitable opponents permit, I play the odd game of chess, which was a passion of mine in younger 

My Review 

Rebecca is haunted by her past and making a place for herself in a special unit will give her the proper chance to help solve the one case she needs solved.

This book was a mystery where you see Rebecca draw parallels between her mother and another young lady who was killed and left in a similar manner.  She is a headstrong woman who has many doubts as well as a strong ability to get the job done.

The plot of this book was very good and I couldn’t help but love where the story took place.  Being from Toronto this is close to my neck of the woods which is a unique read for me and I loved how they used the past and small town life to make this story really hit home.

The characters were very entertaining and typical small town life which always seems more insular.  I also didn’t really know where this story was heading.

This has been one fabulous read and can’t wait to see what comes next.

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