For those that know me at all will know I don’t post not book related posts but today I feel the need to post something that is just that.

In the early 80s there was a young man who had a leg amputated due to cancer and he saw how poor cancer research was.  He determined he would run across Canada for the purpose of raising funds to help those who were afflicted with this death sentence.

Terry Fox was his name and has become a hero to many people including myself.  The fact that during his journey he wasn’t able to get past Ontario due to cancer coming back and spreading to his lungs.

For the first time today I got a chance to visit the memorial that they did on Thunderbay as a monument to what this man stood for.

When he passed away on 1981 or was a sad day.  I don’t recall this because I was still so young but we learned a lot about him in school.

Terry Fox Run is world famous now and has generated a lot of money for cancer research.  From what I read it is the highest donated single day event for cancer each year.

It is a surreal experience to know that Canada has had some people who just wanted to make life better for all and could connect with so many.

It really shows that no matter what circumstances you go through you mist try and overcome.

The beautiful monument stands higher up with a wonderful view of Lake Superior.  It is hard not to get emotional when you see such a loving place that was designed to commemorate a hero.

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