I was very lucky to get the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of Mel Sherratt latest novel She Did It.

I was honoured that she had asked me to be one of the 20 reviewers who would get an advanced copy.

Mel Sherratt is the author of the Estate Series which is one of the top series that I have read.

SHE DID IT – Work colleague. Friend. Killer. 

A successful businesswoman, Tamara enjoys her champagne lifestyle to the full. At least, that is the front she displays to the world. As well as being lonely, she’s running out of money. A promising new member of staff brings the injection of fresh blood needed to win the contract that will turn things around.

Working for Tamara is a perfect ruse for Esther. But, along with fake references and qualifications, she also has a plan for revenge. Sensing Tamara’s vulnerability, Esther uses their acquaintance as a way of getting close to someone who hurt her in the past.

Tamara is keeping things secret. Esther has a dark side she is trying to keep hidden. For both of them, lying is a habit. But when mistakes begin to catch up with Esther, and people start dying, Tamara realises she’s chosen the wrong person to trust as a friend.

My Review

What I have always loved about Mel Sherratt is her ability to get into the minds of her characters.  She has a superb talent with that.

Esther is a character that no matter how much I wish to hate her I just can’t.   There is something that is just sad about her .

Esther is a vengeful person which makes her hard to like or respect.  Though it does show just what can happen when circumstances dictate ones lives.

Mel Sherratt writes some of the most tough characters who have lost some of the humanity.  She has a technique in writing that I admire. 

I have been blessed to read this as an advanced reader copy and the book kept with her same character driven books that have such great concepts.

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