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 Successful entrepreneur, Ross Spalding, has everything to live for; a thriving business, a stunning new home, and a high society wedding to his beautiful fiancée to look forward to in the coming months. That is, until his life comes to an abrupt, gruesome end.

DI Hero Nelson and his team need to dig deep to find the reasons behind someone wanting Ross Spalding dead. As more people connected to Ross also die, some in suspicious circumstances, the suspect list grows beyond all expectations, until a major clue presents itself and spins the investigation off in a totally new direction.

However, Hero’s personal life is also dealt a major blow when his parents are faced with a life or death situation. He is forced to put his personal problems aside when the murderers are revealed and Hero is faced with a tight deadline in which to apprehend them.

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Thank you for hosting me, here’s a little about me for your readers.

I’m a New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, iBooks top 5 bestselling and #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. So far, I’ve sold over one and a quarter million copies sold world wide. I am a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that’s when I turned my hobby into a career. In February 2016 I returned to the UK and now live in beautiful South Wales with the Brecon Beacons as an inspirational backdrop. I share my home with my beautiful rescue Labrador, Dex, who is the most intelligent dog we’ve ever owned, but it also means he’s a little wilful at times too. 

I started writing the Justice series in 2006 and released the first book in the series Cruel Justice in 2010, there are now 14 books and several novellas and short stories available in this bestselling series. To date I have written 30 novels and several novellas and short stories across 
series. I have also co-authored a few books with NY Times bestselling author Linda Prather and the talented Tara Lyons.

My latest release, Double Jeopardy has been published by my wonderful publishers Bloodhound Books, you can sign up to their website HERE where they often have free books available for readers.

I hope you enjoy my books.

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My Review

The fourth in the much anticipated Hero Nelson books.  What can I really say that I haven’t said before.   This is bybfar my favourite series with characters I truly love to read about.

This book was a bit more emotional for me then the other ones.  It is a great book made more so by the family dynamics that show what Hero is really like.

Hero is flawed like everyone but he tried to work through his issues and has the support of his wonderful wife as well as other family members who are part of his journey.

Cara the sister of Hero makes another appearance in this novel and she is fast becoming one of my favourite characters.   She has a fiery temper and won’t put up with anything from anyone.

I love how you see a stable loving family environment which allows Hero to be what he needs for everyone else.  I know that isn’t always the case but it’s nice to see something happy also happening in a book.

The story was amazing and it was priority but also was interspersed between the family issues thst also cropped up.  This is what makes this my favourite series.  

The author makes you want to be involved in the lives of the characters and you feel for them when something just isn’t working out for them.

I must congratulate the author for the wonderful job she has done with making Hero a breathing and viable human being who you want to follow and become friends with.

While this book can be read as a standalone it is much easier to follow had you read all others in the series.  

I am huge fan of this series listing it as my top series I have read it is very emotionally draining as you get drawn into Hero Nelsons life and can’t help bit be affected by what transpires.   The 4th installment is the most emotional of the books yet and I can’t wait to find out what you all thought of this wonderful book.

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