The wonderful and talented Sir Terry Pratchett who sadly passed away on March of 2015
Let me first say that Terry Pratchett is a king when it comes to fantastically funny fantasy.

While this book is all short stories that were published by a young Terry Pratchett.  I was pleasantly surprised as it had such great stories which some were more silly and others not overtly funny.

I truly felt that while not his best work it really shows just why this man was a king in the fantasy world. 

This book made me feel happy and childlike at the same time.  It reminded me of all the hours reading the colour of magic and learning about the wonderful ability of this author. 

Unfortunately this author lost his battle with dementia but his legacy will love on in the hearts of all of his fans.  The world still misses the mirth and humour that you brought to us.

I highly recommend this as well as any other novel by Sir Terry Pratchett. 

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