Over the years I have heard about Ilona Andrews and had tried to read her but always got sidetracked with other authors. 

I finally got my hands on Magic Bites the first of the Kate Daniels series.  The only thing I can say is what took me so long.

Magic runs rampant in this world thst is close to Earth but also somewhat more apocalyptic.  Kate is a mage bit doesn’t play by the standards having left a place which held the only family she had left. 

She becomes a Mercenary attached to the Guild.  A very good mercenary who lives from job to job.  

This book has a bit of everything from vampires to shifters to a religious order for magic.  

What I likes about this book was that it was action packed and full of powerful magic.  Kate is a strong character who is trying to survive.  

What could she possibly do.  This book was great.  Will now need to search for the second in the series.  This has become a new favourite for fantasy.

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