The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Lesley Welsh out on 14th June 

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Suzanne Tyler barely knew her father. But when she’s given a series of secret diaries and eight mysterious photographs of women from his possessions, she knows she won’t be able to rest until she knows the truth about him. 

To Suzanne’s shock, one of the photos is of her friend Sophie, who died ten years ago in an unexplained and devastating fire.

But Don only met Sophie once, on an unsettling visit he paid Suzanne just days before Sophie’s death… So why did he have a picture of her?

Unable to let Sophie’s memory alone, Suzanne begins to dig into her father’s life. What horrors is she about to unearth in his diaries? And who is it that’s out there, watching her every move?

Chilling and utterly page-turning, The Serial Killer’s Daughter is a compelling thriller, perfect for fans of C.L. Taylor, Rachel Abbott, and Tom Bale.

My review
Reading this book was different then those I have read before in thriller genre.  This book deals a lot with the affects of the victims and not based on the solving of said crime. 

Suzanne was a great character that was looking for a way to live her life as an artist.  She wanted her normal life but what can one do when your biological father is reported to have died.

What I did like about this book was it ended with the chance of another book talking more about the crimes and what caused the issue with the father of Suzanne.

Unfortunately that won’t happen now as Lesley Welsh sadly has passed away but the legacy she has left with this wonderful novel lives on in those who have read it. 

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