Picked up this Young Adult book mainly because of hype about how it seems to make suicide okay and how graphic the TV show is.

In this case the book I don’t think glorifies suicide but it shows a lot of strange issues in dealing with harassment and bullying.

I also found it unrealistic as the book is about tapes that she had recorded to those she feels have wronged her.

It seems to be that Hannah is vindictive in what she is doing.  In fact I stopped feeling sorry for her and instead for Clay who is the one who flows her instructions.

I think part is guilt for what she has done and part wanting others to feel how much pain she is in.  Either way this is not a good situation. 

I do like Clay who always seems to be stuck in the middle and just wants to figure out what it is all about.   It is just a journey he is taking through the eyes of Hannah.

While I found the book interesting and indeed it covers a lot of difficult subject matter I did find that it was done tastefully. 

What I believe is that this book is a necessary book to discuss such items and ensure kids know where and what they can do if they are having issues.

3 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher”

  1. I listened to the audio book last year. I really enjoyed it. I think it was the perfect medium for this book. I have not seen the series yet.

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