When I first started to read this book I was a bit out off as it seemed to jump a lot between the characters that were involved in the story.  I pressed on determined to complete this novel and was very glad I did.

This isn’t a hardcore science fiction novel it is more soft in that regard but it delved into the minds of the people with such ease that you couldn’t help but start to like the characters 

Lisa is a lady of the grey who is on her initiation to becoming a full fledged mother of the grey.  The problem is that she is not typical of them.  She has real feelings and isn’t hard as rocks like the mother’s are.

She also shows a side of herself as a rule breaker who will go to many lengths to succeed.

What I likes about Lisa is that she seems to be the best and the worst of her kind.   She shows compassion  but in doing so she has broken the rules of her own people

The book brought out a long awaited sci-fi novel that i could actually get into fully.  There are so few of these that draw me nowadays that this was a nice surprise.  

What was missing was absolutely nothing.  If you are hard core sci-fi lover this may not be for you as it is light on technology and doesn’t have the same feel.

For more information about this book and the next book that is due to be released soon check out the author website at


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