This biography is one of a handful that I have read by top level elite gymnasts.  I am a person that loved seeing the gymnasts fly high and soar into clouds.

Over the years i have seen some insane skills and have witnessed some spectacular moments watching the USA gymnasts finally come into their own.

Simone Biles is by far the most prolific female gymnast in US history.   She managed to take that very special spot from the amazing Shannon Miller who had won the most medals at that point.

When Simone broke onto the scenes I was shocked to see the powerful build which is not common in women’s gymnastics.   She can fly through the air with ease and always has the most beautiful smile on her face.

I loved seeing her showing her skill on floor routine especially when she unveiled the Biles which is a double back layout with a half twist so that you end up doing a blind landing.

After reading her book I am pleased to say that I feel I have learned of her life.  The peppy and ever smiling Simone has her good and bad days but she always shows the outside world just what she is truly made of.

I am pleased to have read this book as I do love gymnastics and just how far the sport has come since I first trained.  

What I really like is seeing how articulate she is and I hope she will go to become a motivational speaker and trainer because she has all the skills she will ever need.

To Simone I wish her all the luck in the world and hope she has a long and successful career as one of the best gymnasts to ever train.

Earlier I made reference to Shannon Miller and it is a high honour that I say that Simone for this generation is like Shannon to my generation.  Both are hugely influential and have done what many said was impossible.

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