Ya book not just for youth

Many people believe that young adult books are only enjoyable for the young.  It is untrue in fact some of my favourite books are classed for youths.

Why do I read these books.  Well most fantasy that’s not written for kids seems to go over the same lines while those written for youth tend to have history or mythology attributed to it.

For normal books they deal with problems that are not what adults deal with much.  I like the change up and that it shows how massive little problems can be.

Generally I like them as they are something I don’t have to really think to hard about as the writing was meant for younger audiences.  I like having the easier to read books as well put in with the books that have all the gory details.

I am unsure why some believe that a youth book shouldn’t be enjoyed by adults bit some feel that way.  I think we can all use a break from our lives at times and just regress back to our teens.

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