Winning balance by Shawn Johnson 

I remember watching this powerful sprite of a gymnast in 2008 when she won her way into the hearts of all those who watched her.

Shawn Johnson is an American gymnast who is very well respected as well as one of the youngest and most powerful gymnasts that I have ever seen.

In 2007 she took the world’s by storm winning the all around champion beating out her teammate and friend nastia Liukin. 

In 2008 as the youngest of the Olympians she was favoured to win gold on 4 apparatus.  In this case it didn’t happen but it was the first time that USA took gold and silver all around medals.  While it wasn’t a gold in this book it shows that she learned more from placing second to her friend Nastia Liukin. 

This book talks about finding herself through both gymnastics and god.  It was a powerful read and one that I do wish had been longer and one that deals fully with her life.

I loved how she talked about not letting fear stop her from doing what she could.  

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