I grew up as a gymnast and loved to watch it.  I still believe to this day that the first American team to win Gold the Magnificent Seven was the best.

In this book you see a candid look at the world of US elite gymnastics.  While I would love to say I was shocked it simply wasn’t to be.

This story shows the life of the youngest of the magnificent seven dominique moceanu who was a Romanian descent American.

It talks about her life and how she and her family had dark secrets that eventually led to her emancipation. 

The only issue with this book that I can see is how it was organized.   It jumped around almost on a whim.  It was hard to follow but the writing was great.
I always loved to see the story behind the gymnast and just what they were capable of.  This is my third book by and gymnast and am very impressed with how articulate she was.


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