From prolific author MA Comley comes the third full novel in the Hero Nelson series.

I have long been a fan of M A Comley.  She has written some of the best novels that I have ever read.  In fact this latest novel is the third in her wonderfully amazing Hero series.

The first series that got me truly interested in crime and thrillers.  The third book in this series builds on the characters that made me fall for the character.

Hero is a powerful character that just gets into your system.  What I like is he is a hero but he has flaws as well.  This makes him fun to read about.

The series has made me look into what type of books really are good.  I like books that have strong characters who aren’t the norm.  This to me.makes a good book and while I do enjoy the strong characters in other books this one shows a strong male lead that is able to show both a masculine and feminine side.

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