Many people prefer stand alone books as they are easier to read.  I am of the mind that I love a good solid series that will allow you to grow with the characters.  This is my list of best Series that I have read or am reading.

Crime or psychological thrillers

Mel Comley – Hero series – this is what really got me hooked on Mel Comley and her books.  The series is an amazing ride and I have loved seeing Hero and how he has grown in the books.  This is my top series.

Angela Marsons – Kim Stone series – Kim is a no nonsense character and is one of my favourites as she has a lot of different facets to her.  This series is ranked very high for me as she had one of the best villains ever.

Caroline Mitchell – Jennifer Knight series – part of what drew me to these books was the paranormal aspects in the book.  In fact Bertram one of the bad guys had me shiver several times.  Caroline also won my read of the year for 2015 which was my first year end for blogging.

Kerry Wilkinson- Jessica Daniels series – while I haven’t read all of these novels they tend to stick with you.  In 2016 Kerry won my read of the year with Think of the Children.

Angie Smith- cvxi series – I really enjoyed this trilogy of books.  They had great characters and the stories were wonderful.

Mel Sherratt – eden Berrisford series- while only two books in this is a series to keep an eye out for.  There is so much emotion in these books that it really pushes you to finish them.

Fantasy series.

I have long been an huge fantasy reader and many know that. My favourite series is the valdemar series and Diana tregarde series by Mercedes lackey.   All of these are emotional books and the magic is so fun to read about.

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