I picked up this book largely due to the recent death of Carrie Fisher who had been promoting her latest book.

She has a talent with the written word that had I not read any other of her novels would have shocked me.  It is very fluent and talks about her life on Star wars episode iv. 

More so it also talks about her affair with the much older Harrison Ford and what her thoughts were on that time in her life.

I was very pleased to read this and it reminded me of what I truly loved about her other books and just how we never really knew what she was like.

Carrie Fisher was an icon of science fiction and fantasy with her role in Star Wars as Princess Leia.  She was in multiple films for Star Wars and became a prolific author about her life.

Her career as an author started with a release Postcards from the Edge which was released in 1987.  Since then she has been on a role with many other titles.

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