Top 16 of 2o16

  • Top Reads of 2016
  • My second Year End writing my blog and it is time for my top reads.  This year has been very difficult as I have had some very amazing novels that I was privileged to read.  This year I am doing my Top 16 books of 2016.
  • #16 –It’s Not about Perfect: Competing for My Country and Fighting for My Life — Shannon Miller
  • This is about one of best all around gymnasts that has ever graced both the World Championships as well as The Olympics.  This goes through the life of Shannon Miller who during the 90s she was the best the gymnastics world had seen.
  • One of the most recognized gymnasts in the USA and it tells of her run up to the Olympics and her fighting for her life to survive Cancer.  This was an uplifting story that tells of her life and fighting for her life.  Loved her as a gymnast when I watched her compete for her country.
  • #15 — Gabriel — TraciePodger
  •     This book I decided to try despite not having heard anything about this author in the past.  This book made my top 16 because of one thing the book was a great example of what I love in novels.  It shows a lot of talent to make me feel for a character but this book did that as well.
  • #14 — FBOM — EM Bosso
  •     A very interesting novel that had a lot of great items that made me love just how unique this was.  I feel that it really was one of the best books that I have read and this one really had me thinking.
  • #13 — The Wolf You Feed — Angela Stevens
  •     This is one of the few fantasy books that really has hit home with me.  Angela Stevens has a great talent in making you truly care about her characters.  She also made one of the best novels in regards to shifters, as well as it had parts of Native Lore which I love.
  • #12 — The Sister — Louise Jensen
  •     The sister while not hard hitting the way that I normally prefer this one really showed a lot of characterization.  I did enjoy this book and want to see much more in the future from this author.
  • #11 — Willow Walk — SJI Watson
  •     A very interesting book and this is the second that I have read from this author.  By far this one is the better one and it made my top 16 because it had one of the better ideas for a book.  I loved the characters and can’t wait to see the next book.
  • #10 — Bloq — Alan Jones
  •     I read this book in two sessions it had me hooked from the very first part of the book.  It was a wonderful example of what I love in these styles of books.
  • #9 — In The Shadows — Tara Lyons
  •     This book plain and simply was amazing and had so much in it that made it worth a lot for me to sit through this book in one sitting.
  • #8 — Cruel Justice — M.A. Comley
  •     This is the first in the Justice series and had one of my favourite characters in it Lorne who is a no-nonsense person who does what it takes to get the job done.
  • #7 — The Reaper — Steven Dunne
  •     My first book I read in 2016 and it was an amazing piece of work that still stays with me.
  • #6 — See How They Run — Tom Bale
  •     This is the first book I have read by this author and I love the complexity of this book.
  • #5 — Last to Die — Arlene Hunt
  •     Loved how this story went and I think that it really moved me further into the Thrillers books
  • #4 — The Opticians Wife — Besty Reavley
  •     Even though I saw the twist I still loved how this book progressed
  • #3 — The Witness — Caroline Mitchell
  •     This book was so great it had everything I ever wanted in it.
  • #2 — Play Dead — Angela Marsons
  •     I really enjoyed this book a lot as it brought back Alex one of the most evil people in books I have read.
  • #1 Think of the Children — Kerry Wilkinson
  •     My final book of the year and this book was so great I really fell in love with this.  Jessica Daniel is one of my favourite female leads now and she shows that she will break rules and the law to help protect those that can’t protect themselves.

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