Welcome to my stop on hells gate blog tour .  I wasn’t able to read this book so attached is a guest post on this book

The first DCI Cyril Bennett case, ‘Only the Dead’, came about through my own fascination with a sepia photograph in a three-volume collection of WW1 books titled, ‘I Was There’. My Grandfather’s two brothers had been killed in the war, one on 26th September, 1918 at the age of thirty. His name was William Hollingdrake and my father was named after him. My grandfather never spoke of his brothers and neither did my father. There were no photographs, there were no medals on display and no pride, maybe that Yorkshire grit…you got on with life both the good and the bad. I feel there was possibly only anger experienced at such catastrophic waste, so there was a mystery.

From the war records I knew where he was buried and within these three books I discovered a blue Bradford bus ticked marked 4d. On that page was a photograph depicting a large gathering of excited Tommies. One stared straight back. A shiver ran from the back of my head and down my spine, it does again as I reflect on that moment as I write this. I knew this man, I knew his look, his eyes, his expression was that of my father. Was this man William Hollingdrake? I would never know but the painting haunts me in a positive way. It was this discovery that was the catalyst for Lawrence Young’s character.

​Book Description:

Hell’s Gate: an explosive, gritty and utterly gripping new crime thriller

A disused railway tunnel where, cruel and sinister deeds are executed.

A policeman on a mission.

A killer who will stop at nothing.

The formidable DCI Cyril Bennett and DS David Owen of Harrogate Police find themselves embroiled in a series of bizarre events. 

A domestic dog attack on a child soon leads to a more complex case – the macabre discovery of a jigsaw of featureless, indiscernible body parts amongst bin bags littering a quiet road on the outskirts of the town.

While under the leadership of a Chinese Mafioso, a team of Eastern Europeans spreads its tentacles into the sordid underworld of people trafficking, dog fighting, prostitution and murder.

Bennett quickly has his hands full investigating a gambling syndicate, the discovery of a mutilated corpse, the death of a prostitute and the case of a badly beaten police officer.

As Bennett and his team are stretched to capacity cracks begin to appear.

Is there a link between these cases and can they catch a twisted killer before he strikes again?

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