I have spent the better part of the last few hours trying to think up the proper wording for this review.  I still find it hard to word this to due justice to the genius that is this book.

The book has a slow burn affect for me.  It starts out by setting the mood and the character Ruby Preston.  This alone would have made it a good book. 

Once I got to the last third of the book I started to feel the chills and realized just what makes this book so great.  

Anticipation for finding out what is going on was just so high and  live kept wanting to speed on so I could find out the real killer but I slowed my pave so I could really savour this book.

I got chills reading this book and was very impressed with how emotionally charged the book was.  

As a new venture for Caroline I think this really debuts her strength as a character author that goes also into the darker side of the law and criminal style books. 

Ruby is one of my favourite characters as she isn’t a flat character but instead has a vibrancy about her that makes you feel for this lady.

A wonderful job and start to this new series.   Can’t wait to see what she does next. 

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