Today on my blog is an interview with children’s author Wendy Healy Hindmarch.   

What inspired you to become an author?

There wasn’t one thing in particular that inspired me to become an author. I have always loved books and enjoyed escaping into the realms of the worlds that had been created and felt that I would like to do the same thing.

If you could choose one actor to play the role of one of you characters who would it be and why?

I would love to have Chris Hemsworth play the character of Dimitri from my Vampire/Werewolf novel Orianna’s Choice.

The reason I would like Chris to play Dimitri is because I like his acting and also because my novel is set in Australia so I think it would be good to support the Australian film industry.

If you could choose one person to read on an audible book who would it be and why?

I would love to have Patrick Stewart read Orianna’s Choice ( or any of my Taeh the Dalmatian books) because he has a fabulous voice, is an excellent actor and has years of Shakespearean acting.

How do you handle a bad review?

I read it, take the criticism and if it is a valid point I learn from it for the future, if it’s not I just move on, nothing to see here.

How do you handle a very good review?

I imagine when this happens I will be unconscious on the floor, please don’t walk over me.

Have you ever decided to make someone into a villain in your book because of something they did to annoy you?

Absolutely, can’t say who or why as they may read this interview.

Do you feel that your characters speak to you when you come up with a really good or interesting character?

For sure, in fact I start to worry if they don’t talk to me. What did I do to offend them?

The first chapter from Orianna’s Choice
Every night and every morn

Some to misery are born

Every morn and every night

Some are born to sweet delight

Every morn and every night

Some are born to endless night.

William Blake (1757- 1827)


Dreams are a weird kind of beast. They can leave you feeling stressed, scared and confused or they can leave you feeling happy, contented and loved. The dreams I really hate are the kind I had been having recently. You know the kind I mean; the dreams start out all nice and fuzzy and end up with you running for your life from some strange thing that you can’t identify trying to turn you into god knows what.

Until recently, I had not dreamed like this for years, not since I was a little girl, now however I was having one of those dreams every single night. By morning, I was waking up as exhausted as if I had never slept. My bed looked as if I had gone to war with the sheets while I looked as if I’d been dumped into a lake.

Every morning I would wake, go to the mirror to see if I was still the same person. Still the girl with the long black, silky hair, piercing blue eyes, Angelina Jolie lips and a body that wouldn’t see me as a model but wasn’t too shabby either. Apart from looking a little paler and somehow more translucent, I seemed to be about the same. Yet I still couldn’t help but ask myself what the hell was happening to me?

Last week, I was a perfectly normal, soon to be a eighteen year old girl, who loved to be out in the sun with my friends, sometimes playing footy, other times just chilling, and listening to music, eating pizza. Today however the sunlight was almost too much for me to stomach while the thought of food was enough to make me want to throw up.

The usual thing for me to do would be to go with my friends down to the local park and just hang, face it no one wants to go home to grandparents, which is just what I faced every day. My parents had gone on a world tour when I was just three and left me with my mother’s parents, it was only meant to be for six months and yet here I am fifteen years later still with them. Don’t get me wrong. I love my grandparents they just don’t understand me. On the rare occasion, my parents rang me to let me know they were still alive they’d tell me it wouldn’t be for much longer. Yeah right, whatever, I’d been hearing that for so many years that I had stopped believing them.

Today however, I just couldn’t stand the thought of the sun blazing down on me, making my head throb as if it was a bad drum solo. As I walked towards the park with my friends, I decided to head home. When I reached the corner of my street, I said bye to my friends and headed home.

I walked into the kitchen through the back door. As I let my eyes adjust to the darkness of the room I could feel the coolness seep into my bones, just what I needed. As I placed my school bag onto the kitchen table, I became aware of voices coming from the front room.

“Why don’t we let Orianna decide,” said a woman’s voice quietly.

“Because she is too young to make such an important decision,” responded my grandfather.

Now I know that it’s rude to listen to others conversations, but when it concerns you, well then, it’s the most natural thing in the world.

I crept up the hallway and snuck a look at the people in the room; of course, both my grandparents were sitting there looking all grandparenty, you know what I mean, grey hair, cuddly, and wrinkly.

In front of my grandparents stood two strange looking figures, one was the woman I had heard speaking while the other one was obviously a man. They both had long dark coats on, which was weird, considering how warm it was, they both had long black hair, the woman had hair down to her backside while the man’s was only shoulder length. The only skin I could see was their hands, and oh boy, I had never seen such white skin in my whole life, they must never have been out in the sun, their nails were so long, and sharp that I swear you could stab someone with them.

As I stood there, listening to them, talk I was trying to figure out who these people were and why they wanted me.

“You will not be able to cope with Orianna, soon she will…” the woman stopped speaking in mid sentence as the man lifted his head and seemed to smell the air.

It was the strangest thing I had ever seen, and to tell the truth it freaked me out. Then something even weirder happened, without turning around, the man called to me.

“Come and join us Orianna, we don’t bite.”

     “That’s not funny,” I heard my grandmother hiss as I entered the room sheepishly. I walked pass the tall woman and heard her mutter under her breath, “Not much we don’t.”

I turned quickly; I looked into her face and saw nothing there, no emotion registered on her face at all it was as blank as an empty piece of paper. In fact, I wasn’t sure I hadn’t imagined her speaking, I mean no one else seemed to have heard her so I must have, right?

Making a wide berth of the two weirdo’s, I crossed over to where my grandparents were sitting, as I sat down, joining them on the sofa I did what I always do when I’m nervous, I cracked my knuckles until a gross popping sound could be heard, my grandmother placed her arm protectively around my shoulders.

I took this opportunity to have a closer look at these interlopers to my grandparent’s house. I looked at their eyes, they both had surprisingly nice looking eyes, with little laughter lines at the edges and although their faces were snow white, their lips were full and lush with  the deepest red colour to them, it looked as if they had applied lipstick on only seconds before it was such a fresh, bright colour.

“Orianna, I need to introduce these…people to you,” my grandfather said, choking on the word people. “These are your parents, and they would like you to go and live with them.”

I sat stunned into silence, all I could do was stare with my mouth wide open at these two virtual strangers who held no resemblance to me or my grandparents, besides they looked way too young to be parents of a seventeen year old.

“So finally, you remembered you had a daughter?” I muttered sarcastically.

“Where are your manners?” snapped my nanna.

“Overseas looking for them,” I answered rudely, let’s face it I wasn’t in the mood to be nice.

“It’s wonderful to see you Orianna,” my mother said with a smile. “I know you must be upset with us, and we can explain.”

“How about giving us a hug?” my father added. “We have missed you.”

I didn’t want to hug them, but for some reason, I had this overwhelming urge to do as he asked. As I started to get to my feet, my grandparent’s grabbed hold of my arms and pulled me gently, back down onto the sofa.

“There’s no need for that,” gramps asserted forcefully. “You can’t expect the girl to run into your arms after all these years; you’re complete strangers to her now.”

“She’ll have to get over that, and fast,” dad responded. “We will be moving on again in a few days, and she will be with us.”

“No,” cried out my nanna. “You can’t take her.”

“SILENCE,” roared my father. “There is no other way.”

It was at this point that I started to lose my temper, how dare these people come into my grandparents home, the place I had lived for my whole life, where I felt safe, loved, looked after,  even occasionally nagged in, and proceed to tell me that I would be leaving.

“Hey, you do remember that I‘m here and I have a say in this,” I interjected as the adults started to square off for a yelling match. “How about that explanation you said you had.”

They exchanged looks, it was obvious that they had forgotten I was there listening to their bickering; they even looked a little ashamed.

“We have a lot to discuss,” gramps mumbled. “I suppose you will need somewhere to stay,” He added ungraciously.

“You will stay here with us, of course,” my nanna said suddenly remembering that her manners hadn’t gone overseas with mine.

“Thank you mum,” my mum spoke up before dad could say anything. “We will be delighted, let me help you get the spare room ready.”

Both of them bustled out of the room, nanna scurrying like a little mouse and mum gliding like a swan on a lake, how they could be mother and daughter was beyond me, they were so very different that left dad and gramps standing there glowering at each other, until my father decided he’d had enough.

“I will just go out and get our bags and take them to your mother, Orianna,” pointedly ignoring gramps. He glided out just as mum did and as silent as the grave.

 I opened my mouth to ask gramps what was going on, but before I could ask anything, he stood up and shuffled out of the room muttering and shaking his head.

I sat there in the front room all alone with a thousand thoughts whirling around inside my head; I sat on my hands quickly, trying not to give in to the temptation of cracking my knuckles. That was one thing I had control of, if nothing else.

It was so obvious that there was more going on than just my parents wanting me back and my grandparents not wanting me to go. I didn’t know why or what dirty little secrets my family didn’t want to tell, but I was determined that come hell or high water I was going to find out exactly what was going on and how it concerned me.

Next morning I got up early hoping to get breakfast and be out of the house before anyone else was around. I didn’t think I could hack another second of the atmosphere I had endured the night before. You know what I mean the glowering stares under bushy eyebrows from the men, while the women act like nothing was going on and talk about everything and nothing. It use to be known as small talk, my friends and I call it crap.

I grabbed my backpack, got on my hands and knees and put my face to the floor, whispering goodbye to my best friend, my pet tarantula, Hermes, who slept under my wardrobe and kept me sane.

I must have stayed to long talking to Hermes, as I entered the kitchen I saw my nanna and mum sitting at the breakfast counter in deep conversation. I stood still for a moment not sure what I should do. I was just about to say something and let them know that I was there, when I heard something that stopped me in mid breath.

“Mum you and dad chose not to take advantage of the family gift, where as I did. Of course I wasn’t going to leave Ashman and live like a norm,” my mum was saying earnestly to nanna. “You gave me the opportunity to read the books of Raktor Night or Ashrav light, to decide for myself. Don’t you think Orianna should have the same opportunity? She will have to know our history, so she rules the different factions effectively. Of course, we want her taking the path of Ashrav; he was a great leader until he was betrayed by Raktor. Yet it is still her choice to know both sides of our history and choose. She will have many choices in her future to make, it is better for her to make them with the right information.”

“She’s so young though Mina,” nanna protested. “I know what you’re going to say,” she continued on forestalling mum, “I’m just not ready for her to become of age.”

“Ready or not here it comes mum, and I am going to be here to make sure Orianna gets the same chance to make an informed decision, no matter how uncomfortable dad makes it.”

“How can you make being a …” nanna started to say.

At this point, I must have made a noise of some sort because both of them stopped speaking and turned to look at me.  

“Good morning sweetheart,” mum said as she crossed over to me and gave me a hug. “How did you sleep?”

“Fine thanks,” I answered a little confused at how Nan and mum could change the atmosphere in a room so easily.

Nanna had moved over to the fridge, “What would you like for breakfast?” she asked.

“I’ll just grab some of what mum’s got,” I had spotted her tomato juice sitting on the bench and went over to pick it up, before I could get to it however, mum had glided over and picked the glass up sculling the contents without taking a breath.

“I’ll get you a fresh drink,” she said. “That one had special vitamins in it for me.”

“Okay nanna. Mum don’t you think it’s about time you told me what’s going on?” I asked.

“It’s nothing to do with you, dear,” nanna answered, as she bustled around the kitchen.

What is it about adults; they always tell you that it has nothing to do with you when it is so obviously about you, it’s usually something juicy too.

Before I could start and argue with nana, my mum stepped in. “I’m going to bed mother, night Orianna have a good day.” With that mum blew me a kiss and went up to the spare room.

 I’ve got to admit I was surprised, I mean it’s not as if mum was on night duty or anything, so why was she going to bed in the morning and not at night like normal people?

I’d had enough of all this weirdness; I had to get out of the house and the sooner the better.

“I’ve changed my mind Nan; I’m just going to go to school, I’ll see you later.”

“Orianna please come home straight after school, we need to talk to you and your parents,” Nan’s said casually.

“What did I do now?” I asked suspiciously.

“Nothing, what makes you think you did anything?” asked nanna.

“Let’s just say it’s the teenage disease, we always have a guilty complex,” I answered flippantly.

I picked my school bag up and headed out the back door before Nan could put up any arguments. As I stepped outside the house, the sun light blinded me for a moment causing me to stop dead in my tracks, as I stood there waiting for my eyes to adjust I heard me grandfather come into the kitchen.

“What are we going to do Nance?” he asked my nanna. “We can’t have those …”

“Shush,” nanna interrupted. “The wall has ears.”

At this point of the conversation, it went deathly quiet in the kitchen so I figured I might as well head off to meet my best friend Hayley. She would be waiting at the corner for me so we could walk to school together, maybe we could work out what was going on together.

As I walked down the street the sun started beating down onto the top of my head, I started to feel woozy, whether it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten breakfast, yes I know it’s the most important meal of the day, or if it was just stress, I thought I was going to faint. I stopped for a moment to try to clear my head but I couldn’t get the feeling to go away. I stood there with my eyes closed, taking deep breathes for what felt like an eternity, time stood still, I opened my eyes and looked around, and everything seemed to be in slow motion. I swear my eyesight had suddenly become better it was as if everything had finally come into perfect clarity. I took in all the sights around me; the Rosella in the tree was never as colourful as in that moment, just as the wonder of it all was about to overwhelm me I heard a voice calling me from what seemed like a faraway place.

“Are you Okay?” a concerned Hayley asked, shaking my arm, gently.

I looked at Hayley without really seeing her, and then as if I was being drawn out of long tunnel I suddenly saw her standing next to me, clutching my arm.

“I’ve been waiting for you for ages,” I said to her.

“What are you talking about,” answered Hayley indignantly. “I’ve been standing here for at least five minutes trying to get your attention.”

“I’m sorry, I must have been daydreaming,” I mumbled. “You are not going to believe what’s going on at my house,” I continued to tell my best friend. “My parents have finally turned up from out of no-where to take me away with them.”

“You’re joking,” Hayley said shocked. “I bet your grandparents are just thrilled at the prospect,” she said sarcastically.

We walked as we talked until we reached the gates of our high school I was so glad that I would soon be graduating; we stopped just outside the front. As Haley stood there talking to me, my eyes started to wander about, I watched as all the other kids entered the school grounds, pushing past each other or standing around in groups gossiping about  their friends. As I stood there listening to Hayley talk to me, I started to get the weirdest feeling again. As if I was going down a long tunnel, with a strange red mist coming over my eyes, I looked over to where the school bitch, Lisa, was standing with her friends deciding who was going to be her victim for the day. I continued to look at Lisa through the red mist; everything seemed to become clearer on her. I could see the hair growing on her chin, the pores of her face, and more alarmingly I found that I could see her neck vein pulsing as the blood pumped through it. Suddenly, I became scared of the overwhelming feeling I had. I knew the feelings I was having was not normal and yet all I wanted to do was go over to Lisa and bite her neck so that I could taste her salty blood slide down the back of my throat.

Before I let this feeling totally consume me, I wheeled around and ran. Hayley was yelling out to me to stop and come back, there was no way that was going to happen.

I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do once I got there all I knew was that I had to get away from all that potential lunch.

It wasn’t until I had reached the local park that I slowed down to a walk, of course me being me, I wasn’t watching where I was going and tripped over a half buried rock, twisting my ankle in the process.

“Bloody hell,” I muttered to myself, as I hobbled over to the nearby park bench, I sat down and started rubbing my ankle. When I looked up, Hayley was standing in front of me staring at me as if I had two heads.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked. “You ran from the school as if the devil himself was after you.”

I honestly didn’t know what to tell her. How do you tell the best friend you’ve ever had that you’re turning into some kind of freak is beyond me? It would probably go something like this,

Oh by the way, I’m just turning into some kind of monster that wants to rip the throat out of the school bully just so I can taste her blood, but don’t worry it’s just hormones.

 I had the strangest feeling that no sooner would those words be out of my mouth, than Hayley would be running to have me admitted to the nearest psych ward.

So instead I just said, “I felt sick all of a sudden and I just had to get out of there, don’t worry about me, you go back to school and enjoy your day.”

Yeah I know it’s an oxymoron, enjoyment and school don’t go together, I was sick what did you expect me to say.

She sat down next to me and stared straight ahead. We sat in silence for a while, until it became unbearable.

  “Hayley, as much as I appreciate you staying with me, I don’t want you getting into trouble at school for ditching,” I said seriously. “It’s bad enough that you’re going to be late and might get detention.”

“Don’t worry about me, it’s not as if I’ve never been in trouble before now is it.” Hayley answered, “Besides what are friends for, if not to get into trouble with you.”

As I stood up I threw Hayley a grateful look, I knew I didn’t want to be alone; but other than that, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.

“So where are we going?” She asked me, getting to her feet.

“We can’t go back to my grandparents place, apparently mum and dad are going to be there sleeping all day.” I muttered to myself, thinking hard of where we could spend the day.

 “I suppose we could go to the shopping centre and hang there all day.” I finally said in desperation, where else could teenagers go when they don’t want to be seen and they want to be left alone.

“We could go to my house,” Hayley suggested. “My parents aren’t going to be home then we won’t have to worry about being sprung.”

I was beginning to feel uptight by this stage; all I wanted to do was get out of the sun, get out of sight and get out of my uniform.

We headed off to Hayley’s place, at a demanding pace, which was thankfully not that far away, leaving us to breathless for idle chit chat. It felt great moving that fast, it felt as if I was walking on a cloud and that my feet were barely touching the ground. Hayley on the other hand seemed to be running to keep up with me, and then, only just doing so.

It wasn’t until we had reached Hayley’s and gone inside that I started to feel more comfortable and less anxious, I had just about convinced myself that I had just over reacted to my parents arrival when Hayley said to me, “Well come on then what’s going on and WHY are you acting weirder than you usually do?”

I needed time to think about what I was going to say, I mean I didn’t even have it straight in my own head so how was I going to explain it to anyone else.

“Let’s change first and then we can talk about it,” I suggested to Hayley, trying to buy some time.

I followed her to the spare bedroom where I’d left clothes from the last time I’d stayed, and started changing, trying to take as much time as was humanly possible, and trouble is you can only take so long pulling on a pair of trousers and changing shirts. It was a couple of minutes later and there was no way for me to stall any longer. I went back down the hall towards the front room, just as I reached the door I heard Hayley talking to someone on the phone,  I quickly backed up into the hall and listened, yeah I know listeners hear no good of themselves, blah, blah, blah. As I stood in the hallway listening to my most trusted friend, betray my whereabouts to my grandmother. Hayley had promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone. As I stood in the hallway feeling lost and alone, I felt like screaming, instead I crammed my fist into my mouth and bit down hard to keep from making any noise.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Morgan I’ll keep Orianna here as long as I can,” she whispered down the line. “She’s safe here, goodbye.”

She hung the phone up and I backed myself down the hall and made as if I had just come down, I walked in cool, calm and collected, trying hard not to show how furious my mind was working, I mean give me a break my best friend talking to my grandmother, what the hell is that all about? The sensible thing to do would have been to go in and ask what was going on, but I never admitted to being sensible.

“Here I am,” I announced cheerfully. “We should make some popcorn and watch one of your DVDs.”

“That’s a great idea.” Hayley agreed hastily, it was obvious she had been wondering what to do with me, and I figured I’d bide my time and see how far I could push her before she cracked.

We made our popcorn and chose the Lord of the Rings movie to watch, as we settled down on the sofa, I decided to start my campaign of make my best friend feel guilty.

“Before this starts Hayley, I just want to say thanks for helping me out, I really do appreciate it, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”

Hayley was squirming in her seat and I could see she was completely uncomfortable, so I decided to push it a little further.

“I know you get embarrassed when people give you praise, you deserve it though, not everyone would risk getting in trouble from school or me being here a secret, you will keep it to yourself won’t you?” I asked innocently.

“Umm, of course I will,” She answered guiltily.

“I don’t know who I can trust to talk to except you, my grandparents and parents have ulterior motives, so you can guess how important it is for me to trust you, and I can trust you, right.” I hoped I was pushing all the right buttons to get her to tell me about the phone call. It didn’t take long to find out.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Hayley exploded. “I have something to confess, the school rang your grandmother and then she rang me because she was worried about you, I had to promise her that I would keep you here with me she didn’t want you wandering around all day, I’m sorry.”

Mission accomplished, I got her to confess, unfortunately, it didn’t feel quite as good as I thought it would.

“I have something to confess as well,” I admitted sheepishly. “I overheard you talking to nanna; I don’t understand what their problem is though. Was she mad that I cut school?”

“Now you mention it, no she wasn’t.” Hayley answered thoughtfully. “In fact that was the least of her worries, all she kept asking was whether you were behaving strangely.”

“And of course, you had to say yes.”

“No I didn’t,” Hayley said defensively. “I told her that I didn’t know what was going on, only that you suddenly felt ill so I bought you here.”

“Thanks for not telling nana about my episode at the gates, look let’s just forget everything and watch the movie.” I suggested I was tired of talking about it all.

As we settled back and started watching the DVD, I once more started to fade into a mist like haze that is until the fighting scenes came up. When they were on my heart would start to beat like a drum, it got so bad that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest, and when the blood started to flow, it was all I could do too just sit still. I suddenly wanted to start fighting anyone and everyone, I was trying so hard to appear nonchalant, that I didn’t notice that my fingernails had pierced the palm of my hands and drawn blood. I couldn’t resist sucking the blood off, for some strange reason it tasted and felt natural, too natural.

I must have been sucking my hand for at least five minutes before noticing that Hayley was staring at me in disbelief.

“Having your lunch?” She asked sarcastically. “The way you’re sucking at your hand anyone would think you’re enjoying yourself.”

I dropped my hand embarrassed that she had seen me licking the blood like a cat lapping milk. What was happening to me? There was no way I was going to let Hayley know what was running through my head so of course I acted as if nothing was wrong.

“As if you’ve never sucked a cut,” I snapped at her. “The movie is over there so quit staring at me.”

We sat in awkward silence for a while watching the movie. Then suddenly just at a critical point in the movie the phone rang making us jump, we looked at each other sheepishly, letting the answering machine get the phone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap,” I said to Hayley. “I just have a lot on my mind at the moment.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong,” Hayley, pleaded with me.

“I wish I could,” I answered. “Unfortunately I don’t know myself. All I know for sure is my parents have turned up out of nowhere, my grandparents don’t seem happy to see them and the house is full of tension. On top of all that, I feel weird. Something’s happening to me, I don’t know what, but I’m sure as hell fire going to find out what’s going on.”

The phone started ringing again; the answering machine came on with the usual message. You know what I mean; sorry you missed us at the sound of the beep, blah, blah, blah…

Hayley got up to stop the machine and answer the phone, before she got there the beep had gone and my grandmother was leaving a message. “Hi Hayley, I thought you were going to keep Orianna at your place until her grandfather could come and pick her up. Never mind dear, he’s on his way now so hopefully you’ll be back…”

I don’t know how the message ended. All I could hear was a thumping in my ears,  and all I could see was Hayley’s wide eyes set in her pale face as she realised I had heard the message.

“Orianna don’t freak out, let me explain…” Hayley started to say.

 I jumped to my feet and headed to the front door avoiding her outstretched hand. She followed me, talking nonstop trying to get me to listen.

I needed to get out of the house away from Hayley before I did something I regretted.

As I burst out of the front door I could see my grandfather’s car heading up the street, I wasn’t ready to go home, I still felt confused and alone. So naturally, I started running in the opposite direction to my grandfather. Normally I am the worst runner in the world; today however my feet had wings. I fairly flew over the ground.

I glanced over my shoulder to see whether my grandfather had gotten to Hayley’s and if they were following me. I was amazed to see that my grandfather had only just driven into the drive; Hayley was still standing on the doorstep staring in my direction with her mouth open. I didn’t slow down until I was at least five streets away.

Once I had slowed down to a walk I realised that I was having no trouble with my breath in fact I wasn’t panting at all which was unusual for me, this change I liked.

        Suddenly I became aware of my surroundings. This was a new area to me and I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I sat down in the alley behind a big, green industrial bin to take stock of my situation. What was I going to do? I couldn’t go back to Hayley’s and I definitely didn’t want to go back to my grandparents. That didn’t leave me many options. I could stay where I was, in this grotty back alleyway, wander the streets or as a last resort even go to the library. Let’s face it, I’d go anywhere, do anything to avoid going back home even if it meant having to study, every teenager’s nightmare.

Standing in the alleyway contemplating my next step, I got a whiff of coffee. Light bulb moment! CAFFEINE! That’s what I needed.

I headed back up the alleyway to the entrance and turned left, walking a couple of metres I came to the Coffee Grounds cafe where I got myself a large cup of  latte, went to the window and sat down so that I could watch the world pass me by as I drank my drink.

As I sat there sipping at my latte, wondering what I should do exactly, something my mother had said to my nana earlier came flooding back to me, It was something about reading from the books of Ashrav or Raktor.

The more I thought about it the more curious I became, Oh well, at least I now knew what my next move was going to be. Picking up what remained of my coffee I downed the last of my drink, cracked my knuckles and stood up, no matter what else happened I was going back to the house and I was going to demand that they tell me just what the hell was going on.
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