It’s publication day for the Caller and today I launch the blog tour for a first in a new crime series.  Happy publication day.

The first gripping book in The Organised Crime Team series by NY Times bestselling author of the Justice series, M A Comley and co-author Tara Lyons, author of In The Shadows.

When The Caller rings… what would you do?

The Organised Crime Team is a newly-formed unit with one of the toughest tasks in London. Led by DI Angie North, their first investigation is a cold case that has foxed several officers in the Met for months.

After Angie holds a TV appeal regarding the case, a number of similar aggressive attacks are brought to her attention. The team call on their contacts on the street for help. Their interest is sparked when several local names surface.

To bring the criminals to justice a member of the Organised Crime Team is asked to risk their life in a dangerous covert operation.

My Review

I have read books by both of these wonderful authors.  M A Comley the prolific author of the Justice Series one of the best series I have had the chance to read.  Tara Lyons is an author who had her debut novel In The Shadows make chills go onto my skin.

Having read both of these authors who had different styles of writing I can see a huge chance that one could have easily been swallowed up by the other.  What really made this book so great was the fact that the authors combined their styles into a seamless mesh where you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began.

The main character Angie is a very powerful character who has both strengths and weaknesses.  I like the fact that she worked hard for her position and still has the strong family connection.

The team was interesting and didn’t work out from the first part.  It was very realistic as you know when a new group comes to work together it won’t be that easy to do things from the start.  They were jockeying for position and to find out who they were in this group of detectives.

A well written novel that still gives me the chills just thinking about it.  It was lifelike in so many ways and the characters were just superb.  I am very pleased to have received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I was pleasantly surprised to see such wonderful characters that will grow with this series.  I am really looking forward to more about the Organized Crime Team as it shows so much potential from the very start.

After reading part of the Justice Series as well as the Hero stories by M A Comley and In the Shadows by Tara Lyons I have realized that the partnership is one of the best collaborations that could be.  To write with another person must be very difficult as your style could easily be consumed.  In this case I didn’t see that it was a partnership that meshed the best from both of the authors.  It is wonderful to see this duo grow into their writing as a team.  When I look at how wonderful this book was I see a lot of positive points.


The strength of the characters was great to see including the fact that the main character is a woman who can hold her own in any situation but still remains a quality of femininity.  Angie North is very powerful in her own right but also knows she can’t do it all herself. I like that she has a strong support system to ensure that she doesn’t fall flat on her face.

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