I have the very great pleasure today to interview Caroline Mitchell who has released 3 books Paranormal Intruder (A non fiction book based on her experiences with the Paranormal) and two fiction novels that are Paranormal Thrillers.

Thank you Caroline for taking time out of your schedule to visit with me today

  1. Caroline you have a following as being a Paranormal writer which tends to be linked to Fantasy.  What first got you into the idea of writing Paranormal Thrillers?

Hi Sean and thanks for having me. I agree what you said about paranormal being linked to fantasy. I often get told by readers that they love the DC Knight series because it’s in a real world setting. I fell into writing in the aftermath of my personal experiences with the paranormal. After I published Paranormal Intruder I had the writing bug and wanted to keep going, but this time writing fiction. Like DC Knight, I work as a police officer and I know what it’s like to become suddenly immersed in a world you don’t understand. I use my personal experiences to create a thrilling journey for the reader 🙂

  1. Which authors inspired you to become an author?

Stephen King is my icon and always will be. I’m so pleased he is finally getting recognised for his contribution to writing over the years. I am also in awe of my fellow Bookouture authors. They are amazing.

  1. Who is your favourite hero to write?

That’s a good question. I like to write about ordinary fallible people who are thrust into frightening situations and have to dig deep to get through what lays ahead.

  1. Who is your favourite villain to write?

I adore my villains. I can’t get enough of them, and they spend a lot of time in my thoughts. Again, I steer clear of the stereotypical bad guy. I like to keep my villains real. Life made them evil, and my thrillers offer an insight into their fractured pasts, often evoking sympathy from the reader, which later turns to horror. I guess Frank Foster from Don’t Turn Around fits into that category.

  1. If you could co-write a book with any author  who would it be and why?

Oooh there are so many. Stephen King would be my number one, but I’d be too scared my writing would pale in comparison! To be honest I don’t know how people can co-write. I’m far too precious when it comes to my books. I couldn’t trust my characters to anyone else.

  1. Your character DC Jennifer Knight was she based off of anyone in real life?

No, she’s entirely a result of my dark and depraved mind! If I had to pick an actress to play her it would be Suranne Jones from Scott and Bailey. She’s my Jennifer Knight.

  1. What has most inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed reading, and the written word. But it was not until we experienced a story worth telling that I was prompted to write my first book. My husband has always been my biggest inspiration. I would never have had the confidence to write if it weren’t for him teaching me to dream big.

  1. Before I read your novel about DC Jennifer Knight I hadn’t read paranormal books that were based more on Thrillers or Police items.  Is this a genre you have seen before you began to write it?

I’m so pleased you chose to step out of your normal genre to read my books. There are a few of them around, although sometimes the paranormal side is very subtle. I love James Oswald’s DI McLean series and highly recommend them, and Stephen King often writes spooky crime, although it’s labelled as horror. I hadn’t given much thought to the genre when I began my books. To me, it was writing what I know.

  1. Time to Die has recently been released, and I notice that you use the imagery of Ravens quite a bit.  Can you explain why you used the Ravens?

I’ve always had a thing about ravens, since Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ frightened the daylights out of me from an early age. The raven is as iconic as the black cat when it comes to tales of witchcraft and the supernatural, and who can forget Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven? I’m thrilled that the reception has been positive and I’ve been able to do these magnificent birds justice.

  1. Paranormal Intruder was your first book published if I recall correctly and was based off of a true story.  Since that story have you had any other paranormal activity that you haven’t wrote about  yet?

Oh gosh yes, so much happened that didn’t make it into the book. Paranormal Intruder was just the tip of the iceberg. It literally ground us down over several years, and there were days when I wondered if we would get through it alive. The mental torture was the worst, because you could never fully relax. It would disappear for weeks on end, each time coming back stronger than before. We were constantly trying to second guess its next move. If I had filled up the book with every incident, it would have been treble the size. I didn’t want to risk it being repetitive, and decided it was better to get the story across rather than have a shopping list of events.

  1. Are you scheduled to launch anymore novels about DC Jennifer Knight?

I’m very excited about book three and am going through the editing process now. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I’ll been using #FindAbigail to promote it, as it carries on from book two, which was the case of a missing twin. I have a straight crime series planned for 2016 featuring DS Ruby Preston, and although it won’t carry a supernatural theme, it will feature my signature dark content. I plan to write more DC Knight novels for as long as Bookouture & my readers want them. 🙂

  1. With your success as an author do you think that has changed your outlook for your writing?

I feel truly privileged to have readers willing to read and promote my work. If anything, it makes me write a little faster, knowing people are waiting for the next instalment.

  1. I know that you are more popular in the UK but have you found success in other countries?  If so which countries have you become popular in?

I believe I have a lot of readers in Ireland, which I’m very pleased about as I’m Irish myself. I get emails from people all over the world, and it never ceases to amaze me just how far flung my readership is. One of the nicest message came from a solider in Iraq who was reading Paranormal Intruder.

  1. Thank you so much for helping with this

Sean I’m truly honoured to feature on your blog. You are a tremendous support to us Bookouture authors and we are very grateful for everything you do.

For those of you who haven’t looked this author up here is her website


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