Today I had the very great pleasure of interviewing Angela Marsons who has wrote some of my top reads in psychological thriller genre.  I was introduced to this author by TBCONFB and I haven’t regretted reading her novels.

Her latest book in her wonderful Kim Stone books is one of thr most emotional reads I have had in years.

I want to thank Angie for her time and to Bookouture for setting this up

You write such emotional stories and I am wondering where your inspiration for these stories has come from?
I like to explore how people think and work.  I like to study behaviour and understand the motivation behind individual actions.  As a child I would watch people and make up their home lives.  I used to pretend my Dad had left us just so I could explore how I felt about it.  He’d only popped over the pub for a pint.
2.    Who has inspired you to become an author?
     When I was at school my English teacher asked if she could bring me a few books that were above my reading age.  I eagerly agreed and I read a couple of Andrea Newman books that explore the complexities of human relationships.  I was enthralled and that was when I knew that I wanted to be writing the stories instead of reading them.
What hero has been your favourite to write?
Well the only hero I’ve written so far is DI Kim Stone but I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of writing about her as even I don’t know what she’s going to get up to next.  The scenes between Kim and her sidekick Bryant are my favourite scenes to write.

What villain has been your favourite to write?
Most definitely Alex from Evil Games. I enjoyed the process of trying to get in the mind of a Sociopath.  I enjoyed making up mind games for her to play, especially because she was not your average killer in as much as she never got her own hands dirty but she was clever, calculating and a little bit charming.

in your latest book you have touched on a nightmare for parents.  What was your motivation behind Lost Girls?
Initially my idea was to have two friends in a situation whereby only one of them could live.  I wanted to explore how the relationship changed under the threat of death.  As the idea grew I decided to push it one step further and test a friendship against the threat of losing the life of a child.

You have come up with some strong women characters, for Kim Stone was she based on anyone from your life?
No, she is completely fictional.  She has been in my head for many years but each time I’ve tried to commit her to paper I’ve known that she was not the most likeable character so I’ve put her back in the drawer but she’s never gone away.  One day I just decided to give her a voice and see what happened.  The result is Silent Scream.

If you could choose another genre in which you could write in, what would that be and why?
I think it would be contemporary fiction as I like to explore the dynamics behind relationships and friendships.  I like to pick things apart and examine them so if not crime there would have to be some kind of psychological element to it.

If you could choose one author to co-write with who would that be and why?
If I could choose anyone to write with it would be Aaron Sorkin who is my writing hero.  He wrote the film ‘A few Good Men’ and the first few seasons of ‘The West Wing’.  His stuff is funny, emotive but incredibly tight. Not one word is wasted.

How has success with your books changed your outlook on being an author?
I think that when you are writing books but they are staying in a drawer you write each book exactly as you want to write it as very few people are going to read it.  Once people have read your work you really don’t want to write something that is going to be a disappointment.  The reader is always in your mind anyway but more so after your books have been so well received.

If you had any place you would hold a book launch in where would it be and why?

It would be at the tiny library that was located at the end of the street of my Junior and Infant school.  As a child there was no place more special.  It was my only access to books and for once I didn’t need to be told to be quiet when I walked in the door.  Even now I will walk into a library and my mouth falls open with awe.

In Lost Girls I said it was one of the few books that has made me emotional, how do you react when you hear how your fans respond to your books?
It is the most rewarding part of what I do.  I’m not going to lie, and as a hardened crime writer I shouldn’t admit that there have been tears when I have read some of the personal notes people have sent me either because a certain storyline moved them or a particular character resonated with them or that a particular subject I’ve tackled is close to their heart.  The response to Kim Stone has been amazing and I am constantly surprised at how many people want to be her friend.

Are there more DC Jennifer Knight books on the horizon?
I assume you mean Kim Stone and yes I am working on book 4 right now and am contracted to write 8 Kim books altogether.

Do you find it difficult to write items about things such as kidnapping or murder?

Some scenes are harder to write than others but I won’t shy away from a difficult subject because it makes me uncomfortable.  After some of the scenes with Lucy in Silent Scream I had to take a breather.  And many of the scenes about Charlie and Amy in Lost Girls required more than the average number of coffee breaks. If a scene is difficult to read then you can be sure it was difficult to write.

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