Recently I saw a review that had comments that made me upset.  I read a Star Wars book which was passable bit not great so I rated it as such. 

Another review said that the community who like Star Wars was punishing the author for having three gay characters in the book in major roles.

That got me to thinking about it and to disagree with the comment of that’s why people didn’t like the book.  To make comments that reviewers are like that shows a pettiness that I find deplorable.

I have read over 800 books and a number of them have gay main characters in fact some of my favourite characters are written like that.   I understand that not everyone agrees with books and the concept that it brings with it but to attack those who review doesn’t help matters.   In fact seeing that makes me want to go back and redo my reviews and be brutally honest instead of being generous with my ratings which I try to be.

I think those that read and write reviews need to realize that the vast majority of people who review do so for fun and to help others.  They aren’t being anything other than honest.  Also realize even bad reviews help as well.  I have read reviews that are bad and decide to go and read it myself because I want to see what was so bad about the book

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