This was a wonderful read which had a little bit of everything you could want. I loved the characters and the whole premise of the story. While I did find the ending was not my favourite I did really enjoy the book.

Let’s begin with the characters.

Tom : A man who was running from his past in a lot of ways. His sister was raped and murdered. His family ran from their home to South Africa. Now he has returned to honour the last wish of his mother. In this book he reconnects with his friends and teachers. A very complex situation he finds himself in.

Sarah: married to Tom’s best friend from schooldays. She is a person who is conflicted and seems to be falling out of love at the time of the book. She has a strong personality and is one of those people you are bound to be attracted to.

Rory : Tom’s best friend from school and the husband of Sarah. He is a TV Personality who seems to be a person who betrays the one he loves. He is a very interesting character who is believed to be a Criminal.

Shona: Sister of Tom who was raped and murdered. It wasn’t till the end of the book that you found out who killed Shona but it was placed more as an afterthought than really part of the plot.

This book revolved more around the growth of Tom and Sarah which was a wonderful journey.

sewing the shadows

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