I have recently started to read some of my favourite books and I find that some of them just don’t rank up there as high as what they once did.

I have re-read the Don Callander books starting with Pyromancer and continuing on till the end of the series with Reluctant Knight.  I find that on a whole I still enjoy certain of the books but other that Pyromancer I find them not to my liking anymore.  These books at one point were some of my favourites in the Fantasy Genre but now I find they are ranked middle of the pack.

Mercedes Lackey and her Valdemar Series.  For years I always claimed she was my favourite author but a few lackluster books kind of soured me and I am not sure if the series is going to be for me anymore.  Going back the Arrows Series which features Talia is still a particular favourite of mine.  She wrote this character so well and made her so likable.

Mercedes Lackey and her Diana Tregarde books.  While I always said that these books are what got me to want to read Urban Fantasy I find that only Jinx High is what I prefer.  The other books just aren’t nearly so entertaining to read as they once were.  I think the thrill of reading something that had been stopped due to threats just allowed me to really think they were better written then what they are.

The books that Mercedes Lackey wrote with James Mallory I found dull and was the same old fantasy books that are way to common.  I didn’t find they offered anything to the genre and were rushed to be released.  The characters didn’t have the same attraction that her earlier characters had.

Dakota Banks I recently reread her books and find that the Mortal Path books still are one of the best series I have read.  I wish that they would release more and finish the series as I want to see how it ends.

Lord of the Rings.  At one point this was one of the most amazing series I have read.  Going back through it I see why I liked it but I now can’t get over the issues that I see with the book.  It seems that they pieced multiple stories together instead of following just one group.  The books should have been shorter.  My biggest annoyance with this series is in the first book the party where Bilbo leaves.  It is not really adding anything and took up too many pages.  They could have completed that party in a fraction of the pages that he wrote.

Star Wars books.  I fell for the whole of the Star Wars universe and the books that had been released and for the most part the books were truly interesting.  I have been a bit disappointed with the new books that have been released.  I find the characters aren’t as well thought out and just are missing something.  That’s not to say that I still don’t enjoy the series of books it’s just that I find that I don’t enjoy the newer ones in the same way as the older ones.  The best series is still the Rogue Squadron books that is what really hooked me to the series since they all had amazing character growth.

Rant over for now.

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