What would you do if you could bring people back to life or could talk to Spirits of those who have died?

That question is one that Clark Treasure must ask himself daily.  A boy born to a Tarnished Silver and a rich member of society he has all the social graces of a thief and killer.

A wonderful book and the first in the series was captivating to the last page.  I was hooked from the beginning when you met Clark as the 15 year old son of the Tarnished Silver and one who stole from the patrons at the establishment his mother worked at.

Cursed when he drank a potion he thought was Absinthe he slowly learned that he could revive the recently dead.  The question is how can you choose who lives and who doesn’t.

Throughout the course of the book it made me think that while Clark is honouable in his own way he also has much to learn about people.  He is a resource to be used by the Army and he is also one of those who uses others.

It was the first time I have read Steampunk and the series was amazing and I would definitely recommend the book to others who wish to try this genre.  It is a read that went very quick.

The feel of this book is Old West where people settle their difference with pistols or fists and not with words.  What a wonderful story and one I look forward to seeing the second book.

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