I loved this book that showed a women Kitty who had her husband disappear on her and their children. the story is very emotional and you start to feel very sorry for Kitty early on and truly start to hate Simon.

this is a story of vengeance and how jealousy can go very wrong. the characters showed a lot of growth.

kitty at the beginning seemed to be a whiny person who had no confidence at all. in the end she was a woman who could handle anything that life could throw at her including her returning husband.

Simon showed a lot of growth as well. at the beginning he was the coward who left his family and even thought of suicide. at the end you saw that he was capable of great love and passion just not with Kitty.

This was a wonderful book that showed both good and bad sides of people. Truly a moving story of how people overcome different types of emotions.

a truly amazing book by John Marrs. can’t wait for another of his books

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