Classification:  Urban Fantasy

This book is about a Jewish man who has married outside of his Faith and comes into possession of a powerful magical artifact.  He become a chosen one

While I found the book well written with characters that you either liked or hated it was a slow start.  The focus of the first third of the book seemed to be about the Jewish Faith.  For those who don’t know much about Judaism it is a hard read because there are a number of words or statements that will not make as much sense.  While he did put a glossary in the back of the book to flip back and forth can be very hard especially when you are reading the E-book.

I found it hard to follow when he starts talking about the 7 different earths which also counteract with 7 Heavens.  Eric started to relate the travels of both the female main character and male main characters journey’s through the Earths.  What made that more difficult was that neither would have known what the other was experiencing so it made it rather hard to read.  I think had he not made comparisons it would have made a stronger book.

My favourite part was when you met the Two headed people.  It showed some sense of humour at that point.

In closing the book while not for me was a well written book but very long.  The characters were well written it was just the length of the book that is written, and that you had to know a lot about the Jewish Faith.

I have rated this book as 3/5 stars

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