Happy days of the grump by Tuomas Kyro blogtour

TUOMAS KYRO   For fans and readers of THE HUNDRED-YEAR-OLD MAN WHO STEPPED OUT OF THE WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED by Jonas Jonasson, THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY by Rachel Joyce andTHE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion. The Grump, at eighty years old, is more focused on death than life; building his own coffin and keen to write his will … Continue reading Happy days of the grump by Tuomas Kyro blogtour

Conrad Jones nearly dead cover reveal

Nearly Dead is Conrad's 19th book and is released on 20 October, here's the pre-order link ... (Conrad is on holiday this week and didn't want to risk the pre-order not working whilst he was abroad so it is available now but no one but you guys know that!!)  https://www.amazon.co.uk/NEARLY-DEAD-prequel-Detective-Ramsay-ebook/dp/B0768GJ418/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507747406&sr=8-1&keywords=nearly+dead Blurb: The renovation of a remote farmhouse … Continue reading Conrad Jones nearly dead cover reveal

Innocent blood by Linda Prather 

Book Description: Loki Redmond swore she’d never return to the reservation, but two missing hunters and the ancient Choctaw myth of Nalusa Falaya take her and her brother, Dadron, on a dangerous trek through the wilderness. Meanwhile, her partner Jake Savior, heads to Tunica, Mississippi, to investigate the second mass killing by a Choctaw police … Continue reading Innocent blood by Linda Prather 

Coven #BLOGTOUR guestpost

Today I host the blogtour for Coven by Graham Masterton.  He has very kindly provided me a guest post. The book They say the girls were witches, but Beatrice Scarlet, the apothecary's daughter, knows they were victims...London, 1758:  Beatrice Scarlet has returned to London and found work at St Mary Magdalene's Refuge for fallen women. … Continue reading Coven #BLOGTOUR guestpost

50 years of fear by Ross greenwood blogtour

Fifty Years of Fear – Ross Greenwood – Blurb A childhood accident robs Vincent of his memories, causing him to become sensitive and anxious around others. His differences attract bullies, and he comes to rely heavily on the support of his family. After the devastating loss of his parents, a remarkable woman teaches him to … Continue reading 50 years of fear by Ross greenwood blogtour