M.a. Comley feature 

Feature for Mel Comley

It is with great pleasure that I bring you a feature I have long wanted to do.  It will come as no shock that I have fallen in love with Mel Comley books and today I am going to share this love.

Close to three years ago I started my journey as a book blogger.   I had no idea of what I was doing in those early days.  I was floundering and couldn’t keep up with what I was doing.

At that point I realized this isn’t supposed to frustrate me like this and it’s supposed to be fun.  I wanted to enjoy my life in books and not feel that it was a chore or worse a job.

I had met Mel and talked to her a few times through a Facebook group that is dedicated to book lovers.  I started to see that she had many books out and I decided I would give her justice series a chance.

Lorne from the justice series was a wonderful first impression and I started to see that this wonderful author had many other series out there.

I went to the Hero Nelson Series that started with Torn Apart which fast became one of my all time favourite books.  At that time there were two books in this series and I gobbled them up like they were a very satisfying candy bar.

I then saw that she was writing a series with another author that I hadn’t read before but heard a lot about.  The Caller which is the first book in the organized crimes team series was an instant hit for me.  I was actually on opening day of the blog tour which as not being a person who had done tours before I was extremely honoured.  This book still is one of my top reads as the combination of the two authors worked on all levels.

I went back to the justice series and still have only got to finish book three.  This is due to the fact that she also started another series with Linda Prather called the deception series.  This series which has two novels attributed to it. It was great and held my attention and fascination as you meet Foxy.  She is so feisty I couldn’t help but be enamoured with her.  What I also liked is these take place on two continents which is something I had rarely seen before.

I then tried the Sally Parker series this year via audible and I finished the two up pretty quickly and found that this series was so different and loved what happens in the books.  Also who wouldn’t love Dex who makes numerous appearances.  He’s the real star of the piece.

When I think about the countless hours of pleasure I have had from reading this author I always get goosebumps.  The characters are so real to me and you feel what they are feeling and living their lives.

This is what makes her one of my favourite authors of all time and also why her one series Hero has been ranked as my favourite series to date.  There is no comparison in regards to that as it is just the feelings I have when reading about Hero and his family.

If you are interested in any of these series I do recommend them all.  They have so much depth to them and you just want to get through one to see what happens in the next installment.

Below is a list of the series and the books that are in each of the series.


Wrong Place

No Hiding Place

Web of Deceit

Cold Case

Hero Nelson

Torn Apart

End Result

In Plain Sight

Double Jeopardy

Deception with Linda Prather

Tragic Deception

Sinful Deception


Cruel Justice

It’s a dogs life

Impeding justice

Final Justice

Foul Justice

Guaranteed Justice

Ultimate Justice

Virtual Justice

Hostile Justice

Tortured Justice

Rough Justice

Dubious Justice

Calculated Justice

Twisted Justice

Prime Justice

Intention Series

Devious Intentions

Grave Intentions

Organized Crime Team with Tara Lyons

The Caller

End Game by Charlie Gallagher blog tour 

END GAME by Charlie Gallagher

Do you love gripping crime fiction? Then try this book by a best-selling author now. It’s a breathtakingly tense crime thriller that you won’t want to put down.

Detective George Elms is out of prison, and the police force that put him there is in chaos. Now they want him back to lead the hunt for vicious cop killer Kane Forley. Only George can put together a team that will bring this criminal to justice. But perhaps his superiors are using George as bait, and they have some very dark secrets to hide.
But this is personal, and things spin out of control fast. Soon George will face one last race against time to save everyone who is close to him. And who can he trust to help him?

One of the tensest, most authentic police thrillers you will read this year. Full of twists and turns, you won’t want to put this down until the shocking conclusion.

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Ian Rankin or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer.
“I was hooked from page 1.” Maggie
“Probably the best police procedural books I have read, and I have read a lot.” W. Collins

Probably the best police procedural books I have read, and I have read a lot.” W. Collins
“Charlie Gallagher is a police detective which means police procedures are spot on. His cast of characters are believable.” Elizabeth Burns
 “Explosive from the opening chapter. Excellent storyline.” Sarah
 “It’s one of the most exciting, fast-paced crime novels that I’ve read” GreatStuff

Charlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years. During that time he has had many roles, starting as a front-line response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and is currently a detective investigating serious offences.
Langthorne, typical of many smaller seaside towns dotted around the UK’s coastline. Once a thriving tourist destination, where the affluent built grand seafront houses, it has suffered a hard fall from grace. Unemployment has blighted the area and so has crime. THE DETECTIVES
George Elms joined the police pretty much straight out of school and now in his mid-thirties, he’s been getting in the faces of criminals for over fifteen years. Well known and respected on both sides of the line, he was responsible for running a team working the crimes that come out of one of the county’s most notorious housing estates. He is married to Sarah and they have a little girl.
This is the final book of the Langthorne series.

My Review

Having never read one of this authors novels i wasn’t sure what to expect or if I could read a series starting at a later book.

I thought I would struggle and while the backstory was a bit confusing to me the full story was gripping and kept me wanting to know more.

George Elms was a superbly written character who at first I hated but as the story went on I found that I had not given him the chance to show what he was really made of.  He makes you want to dislike him but everything he does it’s for his family.

As this is a series that I have only read this novel in I will say thst based on this one book I plan to go back to all of the others to find out from the beginning what made George so capable of creating havoc and disorder. 

This is definitely one series I would recommend it has a bit of everything

Poor hands by Oliver Tidy blogtour

Book Description:

Out of a big old building on the south coast of Kent, David Booker runs a book-themed coffee shop and Jo Cash operates a private investigation business. They live there, too. But not like that.

Jo needs help with tracing a mystery client’s living relatives. David needs help with his staffing problems. Can they both get what they are looking for?

Sometimes two heads are better than one. Sometimes a poor hand is better than none. But not always…

Author Bio:

Oliver Tidy was born and bred on Romney Marsh, Kent. After a fairly aimless foray into adulthood and a number of unfulfilling jobs he went back to education and qualified as a primary school teacher.

A few years of having the life sucked out of him in the classroom encouraged Oliver abroad to teach English as a foreign language. The lifestyle provided him the time and opportunity to try his hand at writing.

Oliver’s success as a self-published author has led to his Booker & Cash series of books, which are set mainly on Romney Marsh, being signed by Bloodhound Books. 

Oliver is now back living on Romney Marsh and writing full time. 



My Review 

Poor hands is the second book that I have read by tbis author.   I have been impressed with his style of writing which flows well and is easy to follow.

The premise of the book was wonderful even if this type has been done before.  However the author puts some twists in that make it a very good read.

I really like Jo.  Very strong  and capable while Booker always seemsmto me the odd man out.  He doesn’t seem to have the same drive that Jo does and he drives me a bit nuts.  That’s what makes the team up well.   

I am anticipating what comes next in the Booker and Cash series. 

Nemesister blog tour

Why the Scorpion and the frog?

We tell each other stories. We’re a species defined by stories, by the a to b narrative of our lives and the lives that come before us and the lives which are yet to come. So narrative has always been the way we explore what we are, how we teach, how we learn. Even when writing blogs about my novel Nemesister, I’m more often than not asked about it’s story, as if it too were a living thing ; how it was conceived, it’s development in the early years, how it has grown into a fully fledged book with a life beyond my control, a child gone into the world with the best job I could do for it its only resources.
In the story itself,  draw on the imagery of a traditional tale which for me summed up the relationship between the two main characters, and the battle they have to understand both it and themselves.
I’m honestly not sure where it comes from, though Wikapedia has it dating in fully fledged form in the 1950s, elements of the story date back to the  Babalonian   Tallmud, but it goes like this. A scorpion wants to cross a river and so asks a frog to carry it across on his back.
“Your a Scorpion,” says the Frog.”How do I know you won’t sting me?”
“if I sting you,’ the Scorpion says, “I’ll drown too.”
This reassures the Frog and so he lets the Scorpion climb into his back and sets out across the river. Half way across the Scorpion flicks his tail and stings the Frog. As the Frog feels the poison creep through his veins he cries out,
“You said you wouldn’t sting me!”
” True,’ said the Scorpion. ” But I never said I wasn’t a Scorpion.”

It’s a dark tale, about how we so often would rather believe an idea of the truth which suits us, or at least makes us feel better about ourselves – the frog would rather been seen as helpful than distrustful – and how maybe the nature of the beast is as it is, even if we think we might be the ones to change it. For me, it resonated in my story as it spoke of two people doomed by themselves, as so many of us are, unable to escape themselves however far across the river they travel.
If you want to judge for your self if it’s a good analogy, you’re just going to have to read my book!

66 Metres by JF Kirwan blogtour

About the book:

The only thing worth killing for is family.

Everyone said she had her father’s eyes. A killer’s eyes. Nadia knew that on the bitterly cold streets of Moscow, she could never escape her past – but in just a few days, she would finally be free.

Bound to work for Kadinsky for five years, she has one last mission to complete. Yet when she is instructed to capture The Rose, a military weapon shrouded in secrecy, Nadia finds herself trapped in a deadly game of global espionage.

And the only man she can trust is the one sent to spy on her…
“A masterfully paced action thriller that takes readers to unexplored depths. The first novel in J. F. Kirwan’s Nadia Laksheva series introduces a heroine that readers are bound to fall hard for.” BestThrillers.com

bit.ly/66metres (Amazon)

https://itunes.apple.com/ca/author/j.f.-kirwan/id1128281343?l=fr&mt=11  (iTunes/Apple)

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/66-metres-jf-kirwan/1124177075?type=eBook (B&N Nook)

About the author:

In his day job, J. F. Kirwan travels worldwide, working on aviation safety. He lives in Paris, where he first joined a fiction class – and became hooked! So when a back injury stopped him scuba diving for two years, he wrote a thriller about a young Russian woman, Nadia, where a lot of the action occurred in dangerously deep waters. It was the only way he could carry on diving! But as the story and characters grew, he realised it was not one book, but three… J. F. Kirwan would love to hear from readers, you can follow him on Twitter at: @kirwanjf.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/66metres/ 

Twitter: @kirwanjf

Goodreads Author Page:https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15643489.J_F_Kirwan

Blog: http://jfkirwan.blogspot.fr 

My Review 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I picked up this book.  It had me pleasantly surprised as it was entertaining.

I kind of had a bit of a crush on the Russian lady Nadia.  She was competent and deadly as well when the mood struck her.   She was a great agent and she certainly made for a very interesting book.

I really enjoyed this book and the other characters that were also part of this novel.  I was intrigued with all the intrigue and political machinations that this book showed. 

Wonderful book and I am hoping there will be more from this author. 

Eternal Beauty by Linda S Prather

This is the second book in the Catherine Mans series.  This book tales place 4 years after the first book Bet you can’t find me.

What can I say about this book but it is an amazing novel that moved me a lot.  It is something very special when you find a series of novels that resonates with you.  This series has done that for me.

What I really liked about this novel is it shows a different side to Catherine Mans that you didn’t really see before. 

The psychic part of the book was very minor in this book which I didn’t expect.  I liked that as well since it showed how unpredictable it can be.

Wonderful book can’t wait to see what happens next to Catherine.  At points in this book it had me nearly in tears as it was an emotionally charged novel.

Bet You Can’t Find Me by Linda Prather

I am a huge fan of fantasy and also huge fan of thrillers.  This is my second time reading a series that is paranormal thriller.

What I really liked about tbis book was how everything meshes with the psychic world to ours.

I also like how they use a lot of the correct terms for certain metaphysical items.  It is great to see this as well as how she takes everything into consideration and uses a lot of tact with the pagan religious rites.

The main character is a psi of extraordinary talents and potential of growth.  Catherine is gifted and she has such potential but what can one do when your past begins to catch up with you. 

Rosetta is another great character and both friend as well as family to her boss.  It is a unique relationship that the two have for each other.  She is a strong woman and will do almost anything to protect Catherine.

Now she works with an FBI agent as well as her friend Cody.   It becomes a disaster as people who are linked to Catherine in some way are being killed by a powerful psi.

I loved this book and it gave me goosebumps on just how well it was written.  I have fallen hook line and sinker for this character.   I can see so much growth for this character and love the idea of how each team member works together.

This is one of my top reads and especially in a genre that is very hard and I can’t wait to see what comes next.